log-cabin-front2.jpgThe Cottage Depot offers the perfect dream cabin package. Our basic cabin: 'A-frame' style, 24x28 main floor plus loft.  The living, dinning room, kitchen & bath and bed are on the main floor; upper floor offer 2 bedrooms for a total of 1100sq2.  32 different models available from smaller 1000sq2 cabins to larger 3000sq2 homes. See all models at:  We have a great package deal in place for the Sportsman cabin; other models will be more as well as requiring more delivery time. Most delivery within one hour of Winnipeg is $1,800



The basic Package [$34,900]  - Floor system, Wall system, Roof system.

The Deluxe Package [$64,900] - interior walls, insulation, doors & windows, kitchen & bath, flooring, t&g, interior doors, casing, stain. This package offers you almost everything you need to build your first cottage, saving you the work of searching for materials.  More options available upon request.

 For more log accent see:

log-plan.jpgThis basic or deluxe package comes with a set of blueprints for $899  This will show you how to build your cabin.  Present it to your local building inspector, obtain your permit and start building.  Most handymen, with some friends, can put this package together in just a few weekends...all that on a small budget.  If you need some help, we can offer you names of contractors willing to help you with your project.




We also have sub-contractors available to help you with excavation, septic tank, plumbing, electrical, fireplace...everything to meet your local building code inspection. You are responsible to build your cabin; you find your own lot, do the excavation, poor your footing, build your poney walls, then raise the log walls, follow by your trusses, windows & doors, then finishing interior work. The building process will depend on you (time & money). We recommand you do as much as possible to keep your cost down. You can look at $100 sq2 for turn key.


The Sportsman Cabin with a full basement.


 You can look at 32 other models or log cabins with our distributor Voyageur Log

Here is an example of one other model.